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  • 2013 Latter-day Learning Homeschool Conference

2013 LDL Conference Recordings (Complete Package)


 Product Description

Purchase the complete set of audio recordings from the first annual 2013 Latter-day Learning Conference now–a total of 18 recordings covering a variety of foundational, methodology, practical homeschool, and principle-based lectures from some of the very best in the “Principle Approach!”

The Complete Set includes the following presentations:

ANDERSON, LELAND – Memorization Strategies for Families

In this class, attendees will learn effective memorization concepts and strategies for families with children, youth, and young adults in the home. Strategies to be addressed include appropriate passage selection, use of music, storytelling, games, tracking systems, routines, performances, incentives, and praise. Sample scripture and poem lists will be demonstrated and shared with attendees.

In this class, attendees will learn effective memorization concepts and strategies for families with children, youth, and young adults in the home. Strategies to be addressed include appropriate passage selection, use of music, storytelling, games, tracking systems, routines, performances, incentives, and praise. Sample scripture and poem lists will be demonstrated and shared with attendees. Read More

ARNESEN, KAREN – Using Literature to Learn the Principles of the Gospel

In this class, attendees will learn effective memorization concepts and strategies for families with children, youth, and young adults in the home. Strategies to be addressed include appropriate passage selection, use of music, storytelling, games, tracking systems, routines, performances, incentives, and praise. Sample scripture and poem lists will be demonstrated and shared with attendees.

BECKWITH, GRANT – A Father’s Role in Education

Based on the turbulent family life of Abraham Lincoln, this class provides examples of how fathers can carry the “weight of the world” without neglecting their most important roles as husband and father. Specific emphasis will be placed upon a father’s responsibility as a teacher in his family.

Leadership is more about what you do than what you say. Even more – leadership is about what you leave. This class draws upon Spencer Kimball’s “Jesus the Perfect Leader” and David Bednar’s “Patterns of Leadership” to draw out principles of leadership that apply as much to self and family government as they do to corporate and public government.

BIGELOW, JILL – Cultivating Christian Self-Government

What are some practical ways we can help cultivate Christian self-government within the hearts of our children? How can we help them to responsibly act, instead of merely being acted upon? How can personal and family worship, a “house of learning,” family work, music, mealtimes, and “wholesome recreational activities” help empower our children to conduct themselves as Christians?

BLAD, ANGIE – Teaching Your Little Ones: A Privilege and an Opportunity

Birth to five is such an exciting time! This class will prepare you to teach your little ones, by discussing appropriate expectations for: self-care, working and helping in the home, pre-reading, pre-writing, and beginning math skills.  This presentation will be based on Sister Blad’s experiences working with her own children, including a special needs daughter, her involvement in teaching two different homeschool Preschool/Pre-K programs (ages 1-3; and ages 4-7), and extensive research and application of the Montessori model of education.

DUNN, SHAUNA BIRD – The Happiest Homeschool on Earth

To all who come to this happy presentation…WELCOME! Shauna will present principles and practices discovered through her 10 years of homeschooling and 17 years of parenting that invite curiosity, bolster confidence, fortify courage and foster constancy in your home. Fostering an environment that allows children (and yourself) to develop the four C’s of Success will give your family the tools to scale great heights and make dreams come true.

ERICKSON, JENET – The Power of Parent-Child Relationships in Learning

Research has repeatedly shown that parent-child relationships have a powerful effect on learning. Because of the significant role of relationships in learning, the home is the most natural setting for learning. This session will discuss the role of parent-child relationships and how to capitalize on the natural home environment to create a Home of Learning. Inspiring learning methods will be presented along with insight about how they can transform ordinary patterns of daily family life into rich and transformative sources of learning.

GENTILE, NICHOLAS – “All Things unto Me are Spiritual”: Learning to See as the Lord Sees

This interactive learning experience will equip parents with Principle Approach® philosophies and practices that allow children to identify, understand, and apply truth in every learning environment and subject. In this hands-on workshop, parents will learn by doing as Mr. Gentile guides them through an exciting implementation of the “4R” (research, reason, relate, and record) methodology used by American Heritage School. Using Mr. Gentile’s original research about the revolutionary transformation of Marblehead, Massachusetts, between 1764 and 1775, parents will research never-before-seen transcriptions of primary sources to reason principles from the American Revolution. They will then relate these principles to their lives today as they discuss specific ways to apply them to their needs. Finally, parents will leave with a meaningful record of their learning experience: one that they can use to guide their own children in discovering the internal principles that lead to external application as disciples of Christ. Such LDS-oriented character education transforms both minds and hearts and allows children to see as the Lord sees: that all learning can be part of a spiritual quest to attain the “measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

HAYMOND, RUEL – Like it or Not, “Likening” is the Key

The focus of this presentation will be on the relate step in the 4R process. Learning will ultimately lead us away from the mark is we do not relate or “liken” what we learn to ourselves. Using a examples from the scriptures, the Declaration of independence, the US Constitution and great literature, the key likening concept of “Is it I?” will be asked and applied again and again.

LONG, GAIL – Pure Mathematical Enjoyment

Family Math will cover a variety of topics: math curricula that are designed for homeschoolers, supplemental resources, integrating math with other subjects and topics, and applying math at home. Family Math will add the spark of interest or enthusiasm for numbers, patterns and problem solving. Additionally, in the afternoon, participate in a Make & Take Workshop with “hands on” opportunity to discover Pure Mathematical Enjoyment for yourself and your family.

JEPPSON, DIANN – The Family Devotional

Which teaching tools and methods can we use to instill enduring virtues in the hearts of our children? Devotional is a key system for the effective transference of virtue and truth. This class will invite you to assess the effectiveness of your system for teaching these most important ideas and will assist you in creating, maintaining and enhancing your own family devotional. You’ll receive resources and helps to assemble the components of an impactful daily devotional. We’ll also discuss strategies for overcoming roadblocks to holding successful, regular devotionals.

MACK, JANE & WIGGINS, NANNETTE – Homeschool the “Family School” Way

In a world where more and more families are choosing to educate their children in the home, parents are in great need of family friendly materials that can be adapted and used family style. Nannette Wiggins and Jane Mack will talk about their 25 year experience in homeschooling that brought them to the “Family School” approach to educating children in the home. They will present the American Heritage Family School concept, the gospel centered curriculum, and ideas for practical daily application of the Family School concept and materials in the home.


One magnificent blessing of educating children at home is family unity. Nannette Wiggins and Jane Mack are excited to present a daily practice that increased unity during their 25 years of homeschool experience. It’s a practice that continues to knit together the hearts of their children across generations. Come learn about how “The Opening” can be a simple, delightful, and productive prelude to the Family School portion of your day. Read More

OLSEN, MAYNARD & SALLY – Great Activities to do on the Sabbath, to Bless You and Your Family

This class will focus on using the Sabbath day to spiritually strengthen the family, emphasizing home-centered Sabbath activities. We learn the doctrine of the Sabbath day and what modern prophets have instructed us to do on the Sabbath day to bless families. We will review the purposes of the consolidated meeting schedule and its application for family time on Sunday. Specific ideas and activities for family gospel study time will be presented and discussed.

This class will present prophetic counsel on how to make your home a gospel centered home. We will discuss experiences on the role of the parents and children in making this happen and the blessing it is to the entire family. We learn the 5 highest priorities that the First Presidency has counseled parents to have in our homes. We will teach and share activities and ideas for teaching children the gospel. We will share specific ways to help your children set and achieve spiritual, temporal, physical, academic, and social goals.

STRONG, LINDA – Teaching Young Children to Read and Write

There is nothing more gratifying than to watch the skill of reading and writing open up to a child. We will begin this class by laying the foundation of the blessing of the ability to communicate through language and the importance of being good stewards over this gift. We will discuss the importance of phonemic awareness such as rhyming, hearing beginning, middle and ending sounds in preparing a child to read. The ability to decode words phonetically is an asset to any child in developing reading skills. As a child uses the skills of phonetic decoding, spelling, reading, and writing words, he is able to create his/her own sentences. Excitement for reading is guaranteed when a child is able to read his or her own writing.

UPDIKE, LAURI – Educational Methods that Empower

This presentation will provide teachers from every setting with the learning pathway to success. We will explore the methodology of 4R-ing, Research, Reason, Relate and Record, in order to create a Word Study. The steps of 4R-ing embody the wondrous process of learning. The scholar is guided to establish Christ as his First Cause, to reason from His word in the effort to think governmentally, to relate the truths and principles reasoned to his own heart and mind in such a way that he can be truly creative, and to produce a record of this process that will bless his own life and the lives of others. Teachers/Parents will participate in these methods in order to empower them to lead children in these paths. The fruit of these processes is the educated mind and consecrated heart of youth who are able and willing to go forth and change the world for the glory of God.

BAZINET, JACQUES – Journey Towards Greatness

Our Heavenly Father sent of us here to earth with great mission and purpose. We started our journey on earth hard-wired with greatness and light within us. The power to reach our full potential and life’s purpose—regardless of our age, family circumstance or past track record—is continuously waiting to be released. It just takes a clear path forward. Jacques has dedicated his life to helping others discover the greatness that lies within each of us. His advice can help you in your efforts to join the ranks of the truly great.

KNECHT, PETER – The Potter’s Clay

We shouted for joy as we learned of our opportunity to begin a mortal experience, come to earth, and receive a physical body like our Father in Heaven. Satan and his followers rejected this same plan. Now, with no ability to have this opportunity, they seek to rob us of ours by luring us to misuse, abuse, and criticize our bodies. Their lies are widespread and compelling. Our young people are particularly exposed today. Youth will understand what their bodies really are—the home of our Spirit and the vessel from which come great blessings, regardless the shape, size, color, or abilities; how healthy recreation, exercise, and nutrition are critical in allowing the Spirit unrestricted influence and inspiration; and why caring for this priceless gift will enable the sweet experiences of mortality that our Father in Heaven desires for each of us.

PHILLIPS, JENNY – Building Your Destiny

You waited for ages to come to this earth, and now you’re here! Through spoken word and music, Jenny will help inspire you to seize every opportunity in this life to learn and develop your gifts and talents. In this presentation, Jenny uses life experiences and stories as she teaches about ways to succeed and achieve by building on the foundational principles of the gospel. Jenny will also discuss the importance of choosing not only the things you want to “do” in life, but also choosing what you want to “become” and then staying on course to achieve those dreams. Read More

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  1. Excellent Speakers

    Posted by Natalie on 12th Nov 2013

    Now that Latter-day Learning crew has joined the Homeschooling Conference pack, it's already become a leader in bringing together the best and brightest homeschooling pioneers. Great speakers, great information, great ideas. Thanks LDL!

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