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2014 LDL Conference Recordings (Complete Package)


 Product Description

Enjoy all the presentations from the 2014 Latter-day Learning Conference now by purchasing this package. Your purchase will incude 11 video presentations and 18 audio-only presentations. Presentations will be in post-production until approximately June 15, 2014. You will receive an email notification with the final video and audio files are ready for download.

Goddard, Wally web


Bringing Up Our Children in Light and Truth

Presenter: Dr. Wallace Goddard

Our automatic ways of parenting are not good for us or for our children. But, when we bring them up in light and truth, they develop the qualities of character that make their lives meaningful and make our lives more satisfying.

Meet Dr. Wallace Goddard


Wally Goddard is a Professor of Family Life for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. He is well known for his creative and award-winning family programs such as Parenting Journey and Marriage Garden. He has authored or co-authored several books including Drawing Heaven into Your Marriage, Soft-Spoken Parenting, Between Parent and Child, and a text on family life education. He is recognized across Arkansas and the U.S. for his public television series entitled Guiding Children Successfully. Wally and his wife, Nancy, have three adult children, thirteen grandchildren (several of whom attend the American Heritage School), and have cared for twenty foster children over their 42 years of marriage.



A Tale of Two Americas: The Shifting Landscape of American Education and “Every Home a Homeschool”
Presenter: Grant Beckwith

From the New England Primer of 1690 to the behaviorists, scientific humanists, and Common Core of the 21st Century, America’s history of education is a story of “powers and principalities” (Ephesians 6:12) dividing along the line of faith.  Once we understand that story, our vision of “every home a homeschool” becomes clear and purposeful.  

Meet Grant Beckwith

Mr. Beckwith is the Head of School at American Heritage School and has served in that capacity since 2005. Prior to joining American Heritage School's administration, Mr. Beckwith was a practicing attorney for the Washington D.C. office of Nixon Peabody LLP and a fellow for the BYU International Center for Law and Religion Studies. A member of the Utah Bar, the Virginia Bar, and the District of Columbia Bar, Mr. Beckwith is a graduate of the BYU Law School and also holds bachelors and masters degrees in accountancy and information systems from the Marriott School of Management. Mr. Beckwith has lived and worked in Moscow Russia, New York, New York, and Washington D.C., and grew up in various parts of the United States including Utah, California, Texas, Florida and Wisconsin. He and his wife Candice are the parents of four children and are honored to be involved with American Heritage School.

Jenet Erickson  

The Family that Works Together, Stays Together: The Unseen Power of Ordinary Family Activities
Presenter: Jenet Erickson

Ordinary family activities are the most important influence on a child’s learning and development, but their significance is often overlooked. This session will uncover the significance of ordinary family work, rituals, and routines in children’s intellectual and character development and the wellspring they provide for family unity.

Meet Jenet Erickson

Jenet Jacob Erickson is a graduate of American Heritage School and former member of the board of trustees where she chaired the curriculum committee. Her educational background includes homeschooling, private schooling at American Heritage, and public high school. Prior to becoming a mother she was an assistant professor in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, where she researched the power of ordinary family practices, and factors influencing maternal well being. She currently does editorial writing for the Deseret News on family issues. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Family Social Science and bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Brigham Young University. Jenet and her husband Michael are the parents of a four-year old daughter and a one-year old son.


Teaching Young Children to Read and Write
Presenter: Linda Strong

There is nothing more gratifying than to watch the skill of reading and writing open up to a child.  We will begin this class by laying the foundation of the blessing of the ability to communicate through language and the importance of being good stewards over this gift.  We will discuss the importance of phonemic awareness such as rhyming, hearing beginning, middle and ending sounds in preparing a child to read.  The ability to decode words phonetically is an asset to any child in developing reading skills.  As a child uses the skills of phonetic decoding, spelling, reading, and writing words, he is able to create his/her own sentences.  Excitement for reading is guaranteed when a child is able to read his or her own writing.

Meet Linda Strong

Linda Strong began teaching at American Heritage School for 20 years. Having graduated from BYU, she has a composite bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. A longtime resident of Utah, she has traveled as far as Korea and New Zealand but has always called Utah County home. After teaching Kindergarten for three years in the public school system, Mrs. Strong retired for several years to raise seven children. During this time, she also conducted a preschool out of her home. Her family is unique in that it is multi-cultural. Of her seven children, four are adopted - two from Korea and two from India. She and her husband Mark are now the grandparents of 15 and they have enjoyed the experience of blending different backgrounds in their family. "Words cannot express my gratitude for the blessings that I have received from being at American Heritage School" Linda says. "I love teaching and cherish my association with the children, patrons, and faculty of this wonderful school." Mrs. Strong has captured the beauty of AHS and love and experience of her teaching in a wonderful Pre-K to Kindergarten program by publishing online her Literature, Language, and History courses.


Enriching our Hearts and Minds Through Memorization
Presenter: LaDawn Jacob

The counsel to “remember” has been given by prophets and leaders throughout history to inspire faithfulness and gratitude.  Memorizing is a way of planting seeds in our children’s hearts that can influence desires and choices that bring forth eternal fruits.  As our family members draw upon these inspiring thoughts it will help us overcome the temptations of the world and become effective instruments in bringing about the Lord’s great latter-day work.  This class will help parents learn how to use daily devotionals and other family activities as a tool for memorizing that can be used to bless the lives of their children eternally.

Meet LaDawn Jacob

LaDawn Andersen Jacob is the daughter of Verlan and Shirley Andersen, two of the founders of American Heritage School.  She is the wife of James Jacob and they are the parents of 11 children and 53 grandchildren.  She is presently a member of the Board of American Heritage School.  She was the designer of her children’s education that included homeschool, co-op classes, private, public, private tutoring and correspondence courses.  Her great love is teaching children, singing with her family, being a missionary, wife and mother.

Jeppson, Diann   Practicle Strategies for Homeschool Success
Presenter: Diann Jeppson

When it comes to the education of our children, there’s nothing worse than having our plans fall flat! After twenty-two years as a homeschooling parent, I can still recall the acute pain I felt as a young mother, at the discovery that teaching my own children isn’t simply a matter of having the best curriculum. This was a hugely important realization, which sparked my interest in the field, and led me on a journey through dozens of books on education and family development and then to hundreds of interviews with parents, exposing me to a broad spectrum of scenarios, challenges and solutions. Now, as a family education coach, I will share with you my best discoveries of patterns and strategies for planning your family’s education. I will help you begin with the end in mind by teaching you how to create a foundational family vision, upon which to build your own master plan, with nine key elements designed to help you determine what learning time will look like next Monday…and the rest of the year too.

Meet Diann Jeppson

Diann Jeppson is wholeheartedly engaged in the grand adventure of family building and community development. She is the owner of Family Forum,chairman of the Family Forum conference and co-creator of the Family Builder Program. She is the founder and former President of the American Youth Leadership Institute. She has served on a number of non-profit Boards, and enjoys administrative work. She and her husband Adam live in West Valley City, Utah and have four daughters and one grandson. She enjoys working as the business manager for her husband's gunsmithing business. In her leisure time, she enjoys singing with her daughters and hiking in the Wasatch mountains. She is delighted to be a part of American Heritage School team, and for the opportunity to assist with the success of Latter-Day Learning.

Kinmont, Joyce    

What Manner of Teacher Ought We To Be
Presenter: Joyce Kinmont

To understand how we should teach our children, we first have to understand why we teach them and what we teach them.  We’ll discuss it all, but especially the kind of teacher we ought to be.  We’ll look back into history a little and forward into Zion a little and align ourselves with the Savior’s plan in practical, simple ways.

Meet Joyce Kinmont

My husband and I joined the LDS church in California as young marrieds and moved to Utah in 1972 with four young children. We had a horrid school experience in California, so I thought we were truly in Zion when we put our daughter in first grade in Pleasant Grove.  No, that wasn’t Zion. Then I heard about American Heritage, in an old church close to us, so we moved her there.  Sister Shirley Andersen was her teacher!  The next year we enrolled two more children.  President Benson came to the patriotic program and talked told the students, “If all children in America had what you have here, I wouldn’t fear for the future of our country.”  This was Zion!  After our third happy year at American Heritage we suddenly found ourselves homeschooling, quite by accident, and living in Box Elder County.  It felt so good to be home with my children.  We were one of the first families in Utah to homeschool, and we’re still at it!  I feel a personal connection to American Heritage from those early years and from the two years our LDS Home Educators Assn Conference was held there, and I feel a growing excitement as I see the school offering more and more options to families who seek a Zion education in whatever way works for them.


Mack, Jane 

Wiggins, Nannette


Homeschool The Family School Way
Presenters: Jane Mack and Nannette Wiggins

In a world where more and more families are choosing to educate their children in the home, parents are in great need of family friendly materials that can be adapted and used family style.  Nannette Wiggins and Jane Mack will talk about their 25 year experience in homeschooling that brought them to the “Family School” approach to educating children in the home.  They will present the American Heritage Family School concept, the gospel centered curriculum, and ideas for practical daily application of the Family School concept and materials in the home.


Meet Jane Mack and Nannette Wiggins

Jane Neubert Mack is a native of Orem, Utah.  Her husband Spencer is a Financial Consultant, (including a specialty in families with children who have special needs.) and they currently serve together in local branch presidency.  At this time they have 7 children and 22 grandchildren. Jane enjoys a good road trip, being with her family, gardening, doing family history work. Jane home schooled her children for 22 years with much of that time being spent alongside her sister Nannette Wiggins and her children.

Nannette Neubert Wiggins also lives in Orem, Utah. She is the mother of 5 and the grandmother of 18. Her husband Marvin is retired from 40 years of service as a librarian at BYU. She and her husband currently serve as missionaries in the LDS  Addiction Recovery Program. Nannette graduated in elementary education from BYU. She loves to bike, swim and walk along the river, write, and sing. She has been involved in Homeschool for over 30 years.

Together Jane and Nannette have great passion for home education. They desire to help others have the same wonderful opportunity and experience they had in teaching their children "family style," using gospel principles. Jane and her sister Nannette are currently helping to home school their own grandchildren. They have teamed up to write the Family School Geography lessons and are also the content editors for all of the Family School subjects. They feel very blessed and excited to be part of such an amazing team of writers, designers and others who are moving this great work forward at American Heritage School. It is surely a dream come true!


 Olsen, Maynard and Sally web   Family Scripture Study Made Easy (er)
Presenters: Sally and Maynard Olsen

This class will share a variety of methods and ways to study the scriptures in our families. We will cover ideas for teaching the gospel at specific times throughout the day in our homes and on the Holy Sabbath.  We will also discuss ways to teach informally, throughout the day.  We will discuss a variety of ways to love and learn the scriptures and also specific ways to feast upon and rejoice in the scriptures.

Meet Maynard and Sally Olsen

Maynard and Sally Olsen met at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  They married in the Oakland, California temple.  Maynard attended medical school and is a family medicine physician.  His medical training took them to North Carolina, New Jersey, and Hawaii. They lived in San Diego for 18 years and then moved to Orem, Utah.  Dr. Olsen was called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he presided over the Texas Houston mission for three years.  Sally was selected as Utah’s Mother of the Year in 2011.  They also speak at BYU Education Week.
  They have eight daughters and four sons; Dan, Angela, Nathan, Adam, Lani, Lori, Tim, Lacy, Sheree, Sarah, Marie, Jaylene, and a foster daughter, Cherie Fisher Begay.  Their youngest, Jaylene, is 15 years old.  11 of their children have graduated from Brigham Young University and four sons and five daughters have served missions.  Dr. and Mrs. Olsen reside in Orem, Utah and rejoice over their 12 children and 33 grand-children, ages 6 months to 17 years.




Increasing the Effectiveness of FACE Methodology in Your Homeschool
Presenter: Lauri Updike

This presentation will provide teachers from every setting with the learning pathway to success.  We will explore the methodology of 4R-ing, Research, Reason, Relate and Record, in order to create a Word Study.  The steps of 4R-ing embody the wondrous process of learning.  The scholar is guided to establish Christ as his First Cause, to reason from His word in the effort to think governmentally, to relate the truths and principles reasoned to his own heart and mind in such  a way that he can be truly creative, and to produce a record of this process that will bless his own life and the lives of others.  Teachers/Parents will participate in these methods in order to empower them to lead children in these paths.  The fruit of these processes is the educated mind and consecrated heart of youth who are able and willing to go forth and change the world for the glory of God.

Mrs. Updike will give this presentation in two parts:

Part I:  What is your philosophy of education? What principles and methods will you use to achieve your goals?  We will discuss all three in brief.

Part II:  This will be a more detailed discussion of principles and methods at work in the home.

Meet Lauri Updike

Lauri Updike was born in Alberta, Canada. She is the oldest daughter of Wilson and Idona Lauritzen. She graduated from BYU in 1971 with a bachelor's degree in English and German. She is the mother of three sons, four daughters, and six beautiful grandchildren. Mrs. Updike is passionately involved in church, politics, civic affairs, and education. For the past 35 years Mrs. Updike has been an advocate of principle-based education. She home schooled her own children from 1985-1999, took part in a High School Co-op - Christian Co-operative Learning Center from 1999-2002, has been a Teacher Trainer for Utah Boys Ranch, and the in-service Director for American Heritage School. She enjoys the privilege of teaching her scholars at American Heritage School. Each summer she conducts American Heritage Tours for students and their families to Virginia and Washington, D.C. Mrs. Updike loves to read, research, hike, travel and eat cookies. 

Larson, Karmel Web   The Power of Music in Your Homeschool
Presenter: Karmel Larsen


Karmel will demonstrate how to "turn up the music" by sharing 5 areas of engaging in music together as a family:

  • Have Fun - Engendering a culture of joyful musical greatness in the home!
  • Grow Talents - Cultivating musical genius with proven practical practicing methods!
  • Strengthen Relationships - Building family traditions and routines around music!
  • Build Memories - Inspiring musical desire and excellence!
  • Share Music - Encouraging “Simultaneous Service”, lifting others & strengthening community!

Meet Karmel Larsen

The mother of 7 children , Karmel has homeschooled for 8 years.  She partners with her husband, Brigham, hosting a weekly concert series, a school of music and piano rebuilding shop at Brigham Larson Pianos.  Karmel is a Licensed Kindermusik educator and also teaches piano.  With a degree in Social Work from BYU, Karmel is a community advocate for strengthening families through her leadership of various organizations.  She has served as Utah Valley Young Mother of the Year in 2007 and as Mrs. Utah United States 2009 promoting an anti-pornography campaign and White Ribbon Week to the Utah PTA.  Currently, Karmel serves as the President of American Mothers, Inc of Utah Valley, President of Utah County Chapter of Women for Decency, and as Founder and President of the Family Leadership Academy at Stonegate, a Commonwealth School for families using the Family School curriculum.

Norton, AnnMarie   How to use an iPad/tablet as a tool to improve your education and organize your life!
Presenter: AnnMarie Norton

Imagine having the endless resources of the library at your fingertips at any given moment just by the touch of a button? Are you always on the run? Think of the convenience of having everything you need for your homeschool and FHE all in one place, making it easy to take anywhere. Is it hard to maintain consistency and remember all of the things you want to do with your children in a day?

Do you want your children to have fun and be inspired while they learn? Do you want to take away the monotony of spelling drills and times tables with totally fun apps? What if you got emails into your inbox letting you know exactly which skills your child has conquered or is struggling with? Are you sick and tired of losing your resources and wasting all of your time trying to find them?

Sure digital technology when abused or overused can be bad but when used properly, it can be an amazing resource. In this class, AnnMarie will share some of the best learning and educational apps as well as organizational tools available on the ipad/tablet. You’ll also learn how to safeguard your family from the dangers of the Internet and it’s overuse. From meal planning to chore charts to everything in between, the limitless possibilities of this device make this a class you wont want to miss!

Meet AnnMarie Norton

A passionate mother of 6 children, AnnMarie Norton believes her purpose as a mom is to help her children discover and live their life’s mission. Her favorite word is “inspire” and she believes that when you need inspiration, you should use great tools. One great tool she has put to good use in making the most of her time in her homeschool is technology. Her favorite quote is -  “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin AnnMarie enjoys reading self help (especially Covey), playing Just Dance on the Wii with her kids, traveling and most of all - eating sushi. Be sure to follow their family blog at http://inspirationstationfam.blogspot.com/

Rindlisbacher, Audrey 2013  

What I wish I would have known when I started homeschooling
Presenter: Audrey Rindlisbacher

After 20 years of homeschooling 6 children, there are some critical lessons I've learned along the way. If I had understood these truths about teaching, the nature of childhood and the principles of education earlier, the path would have been easier, less stressful and far more enjoyable. Join me for a discussion of the key concepts that will enable you to to short circuit the pain and struggle for yourself and empower you to create a peaceful and productive homeschool of your own!

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