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Top Ten Questions and Answers for Homeschooling Parents


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For over a decade, Diann Jeppson has had the tremendous privilege of serving as a family education coach. She has met with hundreds of parents and listened carefully to their concerns, their questions and their frustrations. In this session, she will address ten main areas of concern and provide proven short and long-term solutions for helping parents to overcome these roadblocks.

1.    “I feel overwhelmed every day! I was so excited to start homeschooling, but this is not how I pictured it would be. I am drowning and I am not experiencing the joy that I previously anticipated.”

2.    “I plan to have school every day, but we often don’t get to it because we are spending so much time with household management. How can I manage my household better, so that we can have school more consistently?”

3.    “You would think my son is going to break out into a rash whenever he hears the word ‘school!’ If he suspects that I am going to try and teach him anything, he whines and declares that the topic is boring, before I even open to the first page. What can I do to inspire him to want to learn?”

4.    “I feel like I am the only one who is cleaning up around our home. I have tried and tried to coax the children to help me, but if I don’t stay right with them the whole time, they don’t do anything. I confess that I get pretty frustrated with them sometimes.”

5.    “My children often have contention with each other during learning time, which frequently results in a terminal disruption. What can I do to help them to get along better so that we can learn more?”

6.    “It seems like every time I turn around, my children are on the computer again, or glued to the television. I’m pretty frustrated with our family screen time habits. I’d love to implement an effective strategy for managing this. And aren’t there ways that I can block their access, protect their safety, and provide meaningful screen time experiences for them?”

7.    “I really don’t know what I am doing – I am sure that homeschool is right for our family, so I just took them out of school. What do most people do? I am not sure how to create an effective homeschool plan."

8.    “There are so many things that I want to do to improve our family. I don’t know how to prioritize my goals. I want to have everything planned out right now! It is so hard for me to focus on any one thing because all of my homeschool goals seem so important.”

9.    “My little one demands so much of my attention that it seems nearly impossible to have school with the other children. How do I give my older children the education they deserve and not ignore the needs of my youngest child?”

10.    “My oldest child is 11 years old now, and I am getting pretty nervous, because he wants so much more than I think I can give to him right now. I need a plan to help him become a budding scholar, while still caring for the needs of my younger children.”

Presenter: Diann Jeppson joined Latter-day Learning Team in December 2012 and is wholeheartedly engaged in the grand adventure of family building and community development. She is the owner of Family Forum, and co-creator of the Family Builder Program. She and her husband Adam live in West Valley City, Utah and have four daughters, two handsome sons-in-law and three terrific grandchildren. She assists with business management for her husband’s gunsmithing business, and enjoys singing with her daughters. She is delighted to have the opportunity to assist with the success of Latter-Day parents.

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